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Why we are not more expensive

We often hear from potential customers “Oh we would LOVE to build with you but you are too expensive for us!”

We wanted to take a minute and set the record straight!

We get it!! – the finished images you see on our website are of amazing homes, they look stunning and high end. And expensive! But what you don’t see is everything that goes on behind the scenes to create that amazing home for our clients, on budget. 


We want to take a minute to explain how Byrne Homes is different from other building companies and how we can actually free up more budget for to spend on your new home. Every client we have ever worked with has a budget to stick to. And to achieve that, it is always about helping them to make smart choices.


Let’s look at the facts.

Byrne Homes is a small team, we don’t have 10 sales people and various levels of management. Instead we have a hand-selected team of 5 professionals which keeps our overheads low, meaning we can charge you less. We also don’t have an expensive showhome or fancy office, instead we prefer to show you through actual homes we have built for our clients. There is nothing more rewarding than clients who love to show off their new home and talk about their experience. 


In our team of five, we have two very experienced and knowledgeable Builders. This means we are able to design your home for maximum buildability - meaning it can be built efficiently in terms of time, cost and quality. Who wants to spend a decent chunk of their budget on expensive structure which no-one is ever going to see and which adds no value to the finished product? With our builders knowledge we are able to eliminate costly structural elements. This applied knowledge allows you to allocate that budget to other aspects of your home, such as an outdoor kitchen or that swimming pool you've always wanted.


Our unique process also includes our 'Measured Estimate' tool, which is used through the design phase to provide you with crucial information about what every part of your home is costing. From there, you are able to make informed decisions about what to keep and what to remove before the decisions become expensive to change. There's no better time to try out ideas then when its still on paper!


Another advantage of working with our team is that every client of ours gets to work directly with Lisa, our in-house Designer. She oversees all design choices and guides clients through the process and personally designs all of the key areas to ensure the home is carefully considered and cohesive in its design.


We only take on a limited number of builds each year to ensure you get our full attention and personalised service. Building a home is the biggest investment you will make, ensuring you are getting the best bang for your buck is crucial!  


So if you are looking at building, no matter what your budget, consider chatting with us first. You may be pleasantly surprised about what is possible!



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