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Thinking about building on your land?

Want to know if that beautiful piece of land you've been eyeing up is suitable for your dream project?


Look no further! Book your site assessment where we can discuss all aspects of your land and offer our expert opinion to ensure what you are dreaming of is possible. 

Save yourself thousands by getting a site assessment with Byrne Homes

Whether you're planning to build a modest family home or a luxury modern estate, understanding your land is the crucial first step.


Our team of experienced professionals will evaluate the land and provide you with valuable insights and information.

Haven’t found that perfect section? We work with real estate agents and developers and have access to land that may not currently be on the open market. We can help you find that perfect piece of land.

What our assessment includes

Our experts will provide feedback, recommendations and discuss any potential issues with you, including:

Recommendations on the best land use and potential development opportunities

Size, orientation & slope of the land and how that implicates what is possible

Soil types and access

Infrastructure Services available on the site such as power and stormwater

Building restrictions

Land and preparation work needed

Subdivision possibilities

Any demolition requirements and implications

Highlight any areas of concern such as water tables or flood zones

Access any covenants or consent notices relevant to the site

Assess regulations, territorial authority rules and Certificate of Title

Discussion about building concept, and the way it could be formed on the site

Investment cost: $399 incl gst

Open plan living

Book in your site assessment today!  

To schedule your Land Assessment, simply fill out the form below and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

Thanks for submitting!

The Byrne Homes Difference




Our assessors have extensive knowledge and experience in evaluating land, ensuring accurate and insightful results.




Our land assessment comes with no strings attached. You'll have the freedom to decide how you want to proceed after receiving our feedback.



We'll assess various aspects, including environmental considerations, infrastructure availability, and potential development opportunities.



Our experts will provide tailored recommendations based on your goals and the unique characteristics of your land.

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