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Not all m2 are create equal

Updated: Jan 19

The number one burning question when building a new home seems to be “How much will it cost to build per m2?” My answer to that is always, “not all m2 are created equal.” For example, the cost per m2 of single level home on a flat or near to flat site with easy access is always going to be lower than the cost to build on a sloping site with a long narrow driveway. Also as you go up in size from say a 150m2 home to a 350m2 home, the overall cost is higher but the cost per m2 is lower, due to the economy of scale.

But it gets more complicated than that.

If you have big bathrooms and kitchens your costs per m2 go up as these are the expensive finished areas. If you have a larger than average garage then your cost to increase the size is less as there are not a lot of finishing details to a garage (for example – no plumbing, cheaper floor coverings, cheaper light fittings etc.) Add into this the exterior design of the home and your choice of materials and you can change the cost per m2 very quickly.

At Byrne Homes we help you understand how each decision you make will impact your build from all aspects – cost, design, functionality, resale value and visual appeal. Once you understand each of these outcomes you can make informed decisions on how your new home will be built and to what cost.

We offer a FREE no-obligation consultation to discuss your new home, so why not give us a call today on 022 320 1954, we’d love to hear from you!



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