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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Feb 26

Q. How long does it take to build a Home?

From initial planning and consent process through to completion of build you are typically looking at 12-18 months. There are a few factors that can extend this timeline like design complexity, weather, size of build and the selected site. If you already have consented plans, the build phase typically takes around 7-10 months.

Q. What does it mean to be a Registered Master Builder?

To become a member of the Master Builders Association you need meet the Master Builders quality criteria. Building experience, trade and professional qualifications, on-site management experience, workmanship (previous clients have been contacted to ensure work is of a high standard), financial responsibility (written references have been provided from bank, accountant and building material suppliers.)

Q. Why should I choose Byrne Homes over another company?

Byrne Homes is a proudly family-owned full-service Construction project management company. Our clients’ wants, needs and desires are at the core of our service. We utilise the latest construction methods, systems and design to deliver cost effective, contemporary, high-quality architectural homes. Our passionate team of design and construction professionals with over 70 years combined experience, take pride in what they do and we are always striving to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Q. How does the per M2 rate work?

The cost per m2 rate is a way of estimating the rough potential build cost for a customer. It is generic and not 100% accurate but can be used as a guide to start with. Typical custom home build costs range from $4000 per m2 through to $7000 per m2

Q. Are there Hidden Costs in building?

There should be no hidden costs when it comes to pricing a build for a client. Irrespective of whether there are Council fees, septic tanks or excavation costs, a building company should be able to outline all these aspects even with indicative numbers. Working with a professional building company should enable you to achieve a fixed price building contract.

Q. How does a Building Management company differ from a builder?

A Building Management Company will look after all your build needs, from design through to final CCC sign off, including ongoing maintenance. Often operating with a smaller team, they employ builders on a contract basis. They will shuffle these professional providers across many builds. Alternatively, working with a builder exclusively can put a lot of pressure on the builder to ‘project manage’ the job, whilst procuring materials and doing their own work. In addition, independent Builders often don’t have the same access to competitive pricing, like larger building companies have.

Q. How much does the builder make?

All builders add a markup to the costs of completing a build. Out of the markup the builder will pay for the costs incurred for them to manage the build. Typically, residential construction projects have building markups that can vary from between 15% to 25%.

Q. Can I get a fixed price contract?

Yes, you can! Working through a defined process at the design stages of the project will enable a professional builder to nail all of the costs and present you a fixed price and fixed timeline build.

Q. Who do we talk to through the build that can answer all our questions?

Building companies operate in different ways when it comes to concerns and queries. At Byrne Homes each site has a dedicated Project Manager responsible for the project. We invite our clients to scheduled site meetings to discuss progress and iron out any issues. With weekly update emails outlining progress to date and what’s ahead. We are a hands-on Building Management company available at any stage.

Q. Can we use our mate as one of the sub trades?

Many people have a mate who can do wiring or a friend who could charge less for painting. When you use your mate, chances are it's a favour. This can get tricky as we can’t verify their experience or guarantee their work. When we begin a job all building stages get programmed in, so inserting an outside contractor can make meeting deadlines challenging and can also impact on the quality standard we work to. Our relationships with contractors are tried and true. Not only do we demand a high standard, our contractors offer great pricing that will benefit you in the long run. They turn up when we need them to, and they guarantee their work.

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