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Our 5 favourite Artists

Updated: Jun 12

Adding an artwork to a space is putting the icing on the cake. It adds that finishing touch, visual interest and helps to tie together colours and tones and elevates any room. Our in-house Interior Designer, Lisa, reveals the five artists she can't get enough of at the moment.

Booie + Ben

Contemporary Australian Artist, featuring beautifully curated colour palettes, soft patterning with smooth organic shapes and textures. “The designs reflect my strong curiosity and love of nature, especially our exquisite Australian Flora + Fauna.” - Laura. Why we love this: Muted, fresh, textural pieces that look amazing in coastal homes.

Jen Sievers

Jen Sievers paints joy. Based in the foothills of the Waitakeres in New Zealand, she uses acrylic paints with fresh colours, sweeping lines and a contemporary edge. She has worked in abstract and portraiture, but found her artistic home in contemporary abstracted landscapes. Colour is her love language. Why we love this: Illustrative, whimsical pieces with a sense of movement and fun.

Leah Bartholomew

Leah’s paintings, art prints and murals will transform any space. She is a multi-disciplined artist working from her studio in Byron Bay, Australia. Leah’s style is bold, colourful, energetic and optimistic. Drawing inspiration from nature, interpreting her surroundings through pattern and colour. Why we love this: Graphic, bold colour and almost like paper mache - these playful artworks will add a sense of style and to your space.

Alex and Sony

Alex and Sony are photographers who love to travel. They create beautiful wall art photo prints for your home. NZ Beach, Coastal, Landscape, aerial, ocean, seascape. Their work is a visual memoir of sun kissed summers and spirited adventures.  Why we love this: Capturing the stunning colours and scenes of quintessential New Zealand.

Kimmy Hogan

Hand drawn, digital artist based in Australia, Kimmy us a trained professional graphic designer with a love for traditional oil paintings. dreamy, beautiful, australian-made botanical art in all shapes and sizes. “Every collection tells the next part of my story as an artist, as I venture further with experimentation and ‘letting go’ of perfection.” - Kimmy Why we love this: Kimmy's artworks are like an explosion of energy and colour, and will inject personality into any room.



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