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What's hot in bathrooms in 2024?

Updated: Jan 30

While the bathroom needs to be a functional area, it is the perfect space to have a bit of fun and add a sense of style and luxury to your home. Bathrooms should serve as a respite from the outside world - a place to relax and recharge. No longer is the bathroom seen as a stark, all-white, clinical space, but more of an extension of the living space.

‘The pandemic made us carefully examine things that make us feel good in the home - such as a relaxing bathroom where we can take care of ourselves, mentally and physically’ - Monica Born, CEO of Superfront

Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo flooring has been back for a while, and for bathrooms it’s now bigger than ever. While in the past we saw subtle designs with smaller chips of stone, we are seeing a rise in bolder patterns with bigger chips and brighter colours.

Geometric Shapes

Hexagon, beehive, chevron, herringbone, triangle, rectangle, literally any geometric form, it's all in fashion. The shapes add decorative interest, dimension and artistry to a space. Perfect to add a bit of wow to one wall in your bathroom, or go crazy and indulge in a full floor geo tile look.

Influenced by Nature

Simplicity paired with nature - earthy tones, raw, natural materials with the addition of plants to create a serene space. Natural, unrefined finishes offer respite from the hard, cold surfaces commonly found in the bathroom. This is a timeless look that will never date.

The Wet Zone

Combined bath and shower spaces are becoming more commonplace. Separated from the rest of the room through a glass wall, the ‘wet-room’ is a growing bathroom trend in 2024. It’s like having a spa in your own home.

Sculptural lines - fluted materials

Linear surfaces are popular in other areas of the home, so it’s no surprise that we are seeing this trend repeated in the bathrooms. The bathroom trend for fluted surfaces is a lovely subtle way to bring in those unexpected textures. Opting for a fluted vanity cabinet, fluted/reeded glass shower screens, or fluted marble tile splashbacks are one of the hottest bathroom trends for 2024.

Freestanding Bathtubs

The bath is the centrepiece for your bathroom, and the freestanding bath is here to stay for 2024. Freestanding bathtubs exude a spa-like atmosphere. The perfect place to unwind after a busy day at work.

Japandi Style

An amalgamation of Japanese minimalism and Scandi cool, Japandi has been around for a while but has soared in popularity this year, likely due to its calming zen vibes.

Decorative Lighting, Irregular Mirrors and Luxurious Rainheads

Quality accessories such as large freestanding rainheads, beautiful pendants or wall sconces, the bathroom is the perfect space to showcase those beautiful lights. Mirrors with rounded edges or irregular shapes add a bit of whimsical playfulness.

What about colour?

Terracotta and peach-tinged white are the biggest colours in bathrooms for 2024. Shades of green will also be popular, along with the timeless and whites and greys. For bathroomware - metallic finishes in gold, brushed brass and gunmetal will continue to dominate.

Whatever the latest bathroom trend, how you choose to design yours will depend on your own style and lifestyle. Do you enjoy taking long baths to relax? Or is a fast shower in the morning your go-to choice? Maybe you need two sinks to perform your bathroom routines together with your partner.

Whatever your priority, 2024 will see plenty of Terazzo tiles, fluted glass, concrete basins, stacked tiles, curves, tiled nibs and niches. Lots of new ways to help you enjoy the space, new materials to create a luxurious, refreshing room to make you feel rested, calm and clean.



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