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Nailing your outdoor spaces

Updated: Jan 19

Why nailing the outdoor spaces in your design phase is key

As Kiwi’s we love to be outside. There’s nothing nicer in Summer than to relax outdoors and cook and easy BBQ for dinner. That’s why having a great outdoor living space that connects with the indoor living area is so important to us at Byrne Homes. It add another dimension to the home.

In our designs the outdoor spaces and how the house opens up to those areas is crucial. Getting this right not only makes the house feel larger, it gives you so much more flexibility in how you use your home.

Whether you need to screen neighbours, block the prevailing wind or create an entertaining space, it is critical to get this aspect of the design working at the early stages. Covered areas, outdoor kitchens, space for the spa – this all needs to be taken into account. How the house opens up to these areas can make such a difference to how the house feels to live in. Even in Winter, if we can’t actually go outside, it is so nice to be able to see out to nature and bring the outdoors in.

There’s so much to consider when designing the perfect outdoor space, so we have created a handy checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything:

• Hard and soft Landscaping • Dining Area • Seated/Lounge Area • Covered/Uncovered spaces • BBQ • Outdoor Kitchen • Pool • Spa • Outdoor Shower • Heating • Outdoor Fireplace • Lighting • Cooling • Feature Power Points • Water feeds • Herb Garden • Vege Garden • Shed • Utility Space

So whether your dream outdoor space includes a swimming pool or an edible garden, make sure you incorporate this into the design of your new home.

At Byrne Homes we utilise our architect, designer and builder to work together with you on your plans (at no extra cost) to ensure you are achieving the best possible outdoor spaces that will enhance your home. And while landscaping can be a big ticket item, it is always money well spent, and if designed thoughtfully from the outset, it will keep flourishing and add value to your home.

If you would like to talk to us about building your very own ‘Byrne Home’, please get in touch today. Give us a call – we are a friendly bunch! Call 022 320 1954 or flick us an email at



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