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How to add WOW to your walk-in wardrobe

Updated: Jan 19

A fashion-lovers dream, walk-in wardrobes are a sure sign of domestic luxury and never fail to add a stylish element to a home. But it’s not all about luxury, these spaces need to fit a lot into them so need to be well planned. We give you our advice on getting the most out of this small space.


We usually suggest a mix of long and short hanging options with double the amount of short rails for shirts, skirts, pants, jackets and trousers. Corners are always tricky to access (and we generally try to avoid them) but if you do have a corner allocate this space for hanging long dresses and suits you don’t need wear very often.


Drawers are important for organising your wardrobe and keeping smaller items such as underwear, socks and other folded accessories grouped together.

Make sure the drawers are wide enough to accommodate your folded clothing, and consider including dividers for rolled belts, scarves, ties, etc, to keep things tidy and organised.


Practical and cost effective, shelving works best from waist-height upwards. It’s perfect for folded jumpers, shirts and trousers. Open shelving is also ideal for storing your handbags, hats, scarves etc. Make sure to install adjustable shelving, so that you are able to customise your shelving heights to suit what you are storing on them. Lots of Wardrobe manufacturers are also able to retro-fit drawers into open shelving space which is handy to know if you discover that you need more drawers.


Narrow open shelves installed along the bottom of your walk-in robe is very practical for storing your shoes and, as well as being accessible, make use of the otherwise dead space under clothing rails.


• Don’t forget to include a full-length mirror • If you have any spare space add in a robe hook for your dressing gown • Storage boxes on the top shelf are a great way to store seasonal clothes or those special pieces you don’t wear often. • If you’re having your cabinetry custom made, consider using a timber-grain laminate as a cost-effective and stylish way to make a design statement. • Don’t forget the importance of lighting. Walk-In robes often don’t have any natural light so make sure you add lighting to the space.

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