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Don't be like Johnny!

Updated: 1 day ago

Johnny and Sam thinking about design

Johnny and Sam both wanted to build new homes.

Johnny decided it was time to build his dream home. He went to an architect, invested a significant amount of money, and got detailed plans drawn up. Confidently, he sent these plans to the council and paid for building consent. With consent in hand, he reached out to three builders for pricing. To his shock, he discovered that the cost to build his dream home was $500k over his budget. Johnny had already spent around $100k and six months of his time, only to realise he now had to start again from scratch.

Sam, on the other hand, took a different approach. He also went to an architect but simultaneously involved Byrne Homes in the process. The architect and Byrne Homes collaborated from the start, creating plans with input from both sides. They priced everything and adjusted the plans to ensure they aligned with his brief and budget. Once the plans were finalised, they were submitted to the council for building consent. Sam knew exactly what his new home would cost to build and what was included, and while the plans were with the council, Byrne Homes began ordering materials so they could begin construction immediately.

Don’t make the same mistake Johnny made. Be like Sam!

Unfortunately we meet so many people like Johnny, that have wasted time and money. Engaging your builder at the same time as your architect means you can avoid making expensive mistakes, and get on with building the home of your dreams.



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